A tour to Brussels is a great introduction to the charms of this European city. You can choose to bus tours, walking tours or special interest tours ranging from Belgian beer and Belgian chocolate to Belgian cuisine.

In short, a tour is a great value when you consider you are learning from local experts who are knowledgeable and experienced. In addition, you see the most important things to see and to minimize the possibility of getting lost or wasting time trying to find things. And if your time in Brussels is limited, that may be worth the price of the visit itself.

For the traveler who prefers to enjoy the view instead of burying his nose in a guidebook, there are guided tours available around Brussels for a different flavor of the surroundings. There are a variety of ways to see the city: buses with air conditioning, open-top buses, walking, cycling and even private guides.

Bus Tours
Brussels bus trips are perfect for visitors who are starting on the trip and want a quick overview of the city. There are two bus tours in Brussels, organized by Brussels City Tours. One is a bus that will take you covered in the Brussels Grand City Tour; a tour of 2hr30min, allowing you to see the city from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus and the other is a classic hop-on hop-off bus with 13 stops where you can get off and view the sights and board the next bus to move to the next stop which is found in many cities.

Brussels Walks
Brussels Walking Tour features informed and entertaining tour guides who conduct four summer walking tours for individuals, eight walking tours for groups and guided coach tours by personal request. Brussels Walking Tours offers the opportunity to see Brussels from the street and hear the stories and interesting facts about this city from professional tour guides.

Bike Tours
The Bike Tours in Brussels is a fun and easy. You will see the city in a unique and fun way.  Cycling allows you to see more in less time, you can have fun and make new friends on the road. Bicycles do not pollute and you can get a great workout. Exploring a city by bike not only allows you to enjoy the bicycle itself, but also leads you to hidden places, riding through the streets of small streets off to the car infested main roads.