Long Weekend

The city of Brussels offers a more compact alternative, ideal for a long weekend. The timing and choice of city breaks in Brussels can make or break your long weekend holidays abroad. It has an interesting mix of classic elegance that recognized in its architecture which is full of modernist surreal images everywhere. The city is easily explored on foot and a long weekend away in Brussels will discover a wealth of art and architecture to compete with its neighbors in the big city, classy entertainment and restaurants and eclectic shops.  Brussels is a great place to visit for a long weekend, which has plenty to see and do.

Where to Stay in Brussels
If you want to visit Brussels for a long weekend, there are plenty of hotels, hostels and apartments to stay in. Brussels hotels offer a variety of choices from luxury five-star accommodation to more affordable two-star options.

What to See during your Long Weekend in Brussels
Soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the spectacular Grand Place. This is the focal point of the city and one the world’s attractive city. It has the vast Gothic splendor of the City Hall and is flanked by many houses of the 17th century guild houses that are very well preserved. The square is surrounded by impressive buildings and small local restaurants.

There is no better place than the testimony of contemporary city life in one of the charming cafes with a refreshing Belgian beer. It offers an incredibly vibrant atmosphere.

If you walk down a side streets of the square leads to another popular tourist attraction, the fountain of Manneken Pis. This is just a small statue of a boy who dresses up, depending on the season occasion, if it was a holiday or special.

If you just walk the streets of Brussels you will see a lot of works of cartoon artworks in some of the buildings, this is because Brussels is the headquarters of Tin Tin and the Smurfs. If you are interested in cartoons and comics then the Belgian Comic Strip Center is a must visit. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday and admission costs about 7 euros per person.

This tour will probably end up making you a little hungry, so if you are looking for a snack, then what a better place is to try a Belgian waffle. There are plenty of shops that sell these and offer a variety of fruit ingredients to ice cream, which are so delicious.

There are also a variety of restaurants in Brussels, but don’t go to the first one you see, because if you walk around you can find better deals elsewhere.

Night Out in Brussels
From the quirky to classic, Brussels offers all when it comes to entertaining, though far more relaxed than many other major European cities. Just walk along the brightly lit streets and discover Bohemian basement bars, exuberant cabaret clubs, jazz and rock concerts, trendy restaurants and gourmet coffees. A bar in the particular, Delirium, is a definitely worth a visit. It currently has over 2004 beers to choose from, there are books of points around the bar with the details of most beers. From its super strength premium beers to its infusion of styles of Flemish and French cooking, eating and drinking in Brussels is certainly never bland.

The beauty of a long weekend away in Brussels is in its accessibility and ease of travel.