Planning a week in Brussels is a great experience because the city never sleeps, the people are wonderful and the sights are too numerous to list. Plan at least a week to enjoy your vacation in Brussels, otherwise you’ll be disappointed.

Having an itinerary of Brussels is very useful when you are here on vacation. It will give you a little about the structure of the city that has so many sights to see and places to visit. Brussels is a fun and exciting place to visit. The center has buildings dating from medieval times to the expansion of the city that consists of modern architecture. Your best bet for transportation out of your own vehicle is to get a card to travel by bus from the city without limits.

The Flanders Festival has hundreds of exciting events. Brussels is a gastronomic delight of fine cuisine to suit every imaginable taste, cafes and superb restaurants that fit for royalty.

7 Days in Brussels

Day 1 Town Square Walk
Journey to the center of the city and you witness what is considered one square of the most impressive in Europe. The Grand Place is where all the Unions have been based for centuries. The city is a most splendid building with its Gothic style and the hands thrust skyward. Many small businesses are out of the corners selling cookies with dulce de leche.

Day 2  Museum Trip
On your 2nd day venture around the city, try to stop or you must see the Museum of Musical Instruments in Brussels. The Art Nouveau building of the museum is very attractive and is sure to please any age group.  There are around 1,200 instruments on display. A special attraction is that you are able to hear what the instruments sound like listening to a set of headphones set right for each instrument.

Day 3  Visiting the Atomium
Your trip would not be complete without visiting the Atomium. It is a representation of the symbol of Iron. You will love the unique configuration, which resembles an atom. There are 9 capsule or atoms and it is 103 meters high. Elevators to take in different capsules that have a restaurant and shops, or you can go to the top where you get a fantastic view of the city.

Day 4  Guided Tour of the City
A guided tour of the city will give you a quick view, the several of the many royal palaces and religious buildings in Belgium. On this tour you will get to see the imposing St. Michael’s Cathedral, the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower. You will understand the importance of Brussels from many cultures that are represented by their residence here, as part of the EU. Continue to stroll through the local government buildings like the Palace of Justice and the Parliament House and then to the EU buildings.

Day 5  Art Museum Visit
Located in an impressive museum called the ‘Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts “are fabulous artwork in a series of Belgian Grand Masters. People come from all over the world to see the beautiful works of Breughel from the Baroque era with works of art almost to the 20th century.

Day 6  Exploring the Science Museum
Down the street from the headquarters of the European Parliament is the Museum of Natural Sciences, a building with displays of mammals and animals in the world. What makes this impressive buildings even more attractive is its collection of dinosaurs, there is none finer in the world. A section of the museum has a display area of ​​Antarctica and the Arctic.

Day 7  Comic Museum and Cafe Trip
Go to the Belgian Comic Strip Center is the main point of your itinerary today. Here you will get to have a barrel of laughs as you get to see all the comic characters of Belgium. Included in the casts are the well known Smurfs and the little less known world comics, but fun anyway. While you are waiting for the bus to pick you up, take some time to get into a local cafe and see why Brussels is known for its beer.