Cheap Brussels Hotels

Brussels is the capital of Belgium. There are fascinating sites here like the “Petite Rue des Bouchers”, a row of houses, which all have great restaurants in them. The road is closed to the public to allow the shops to display fresh goods. What a fascinating place Brussels is, one might think they would need a lot of money to visit here. There are manycheap hotels in Brussels, which are of good quality. There are many popular areas, which tourists frequent they are:

Central Brussels
This area is named for being located in close proximity to the Central Station Brussels. This railroad station has served this city for decades. There are several cheap hotels like Hotel Mozart in this vicinity. Hotel Mozart has easy access to all the metro stations. It is decorated in a unique Louis XV style. The hotel includes breakfast, air conditioning and internet services.


Ixelles is a superb area, if one likes shopping. The famous Avenue Louise shopping area has every kind of shop one could imagine. There are famous buildings and architecture here, like The Abbey of La Cambre church. When staying in this area, once should check out the Aparthotel Wellington. This apartments style lodging, is just 10 minutes from the city center. They offer concierge services and a choice of three styles of units.

When visiting the Saint-Gilles area, one should make sure to visit the central square. Here there are many jubilees hosted, like the annual Brussels’ Portuguese community festival. There are many economical lodging nearby the central square, including the Albert Inn. It is very nice bed and breakfast in a secure and safe area, which is only 150 from the metro station. Situated in a three story house with all the charm one could want, it is immaculately clean and the perfect way to stay economically.

Koekelburg is a lovely neighborhood on the outskirts of the capitol city. They have some of the largest Roman Catholic churches in the world in their backyard. Tourists are attracted to this city for the architecture. When looking for lodging close to activities, there are many budget hotels with great amenities. Le Frederiksborg is a super hotel that is so much nicer than the price dictates. It has 30 rooms and a restaurants down below, which serves decadent cuisines.

So many people travel to Brussels every year for many reasons. It is a city of fascination and of course no trip would be complete without a stop at a gourmet Belgium chocolate candy store. When traveling to Brussels, there are a nice selection of good-quality, cheap hotels which won’t break the bank. See why so many people bring their families to explore Belgium’s finest city.