Car Rental

The Car Rental in Brussels has a high speed ,very accessible and affordable and offers a variety of collection options and return to make your life easier. When traveling, go with confidence in your car hire in Brussels.

We understand that traveling can be a nuisance if not properly organized, which is why they offer a variety of vehicle types to compare and choose for all types of travelers. There is no better way to enjoy your trip to Brussels then touring by a car. By renting one at the Brussels, you can add flexibility to your vacation and save a lot, and you can start your vacation without worries or problems.

The great people in Brussels Car Hire will help you decide if you need a compact, midsize, full size, luxury car, SUV or minivan to get you started. They offer great discounts all year there, wherever you go and the customer service is very friendly. Car rental in Brussels features of fully equipped with the latest amenities and safety features that ensure your travel is safe, convenient and comfortable.

Driving Information in Brussels
Brussels is a large and busy city, but traffic in this capital of the EU is really handy if you follow certain rules. There are two main traffic arteries in Brussels: the outer ring and inner ring. Inner ring (Petite Ceinture) goes as congested during peak hours and should be avoided if possible.

The legal minimum age for driving is 18 years. To rent a car in Belgium, the minimum rental age is 21 years, but age requirements may vary depending on provider and rental car category. A young driver surcharge may apply to drivers ages between 21 and 25. The car rental provider will want to see a valid driver’s license card, credit and passport at the time of pick up, and please that these items ready and easily accessible at the time of pick up. Seat belts must be worn always while in the front or rear seats of the vehicle.

Parking in Brussels is surprisingly cheap, there are enough multi-storey car parks are preferable to street parking.

Brussels Expo area offers 12,000 parking places for exhibition visitors.

The law prohibits the use of a cell phone while driving. Phone can be used when the vehicle is not moving and not in traffic.

Vehicles traveling in the right side of the road with the steering wheel to the left. Traffic traveling on the right side of the road has the right of way unless noted by traffic signals.

Gas stations are usually open from 8:00am-8pm daily. Most of the stations of the roads are open 24 hours.

Speed Limits in Brussels
Speed in Town – 50km/h
Outside built-up areas/Highways – 90km/h
Expressways/motorways – 120km/h