Movie Theaters

Brussels is known for its culture and tradition, and so can be seen in its wide range of theaters and performances. Most of these rooms are built in the classical style and have a touch of old to them. While some of them still loved to perform conventional masterpieces, which states are loved by all, there are a number who are experimenting with the modern theater. Whether dance, music, theater, opera, shows or plays. You can get to see the magnificent display of the history of law in Brussels, in front of your eyes, through their theaters.

For most of the theaters, tickets can be purchased in person or online. Online is easier, but moviegoers still to come a little early to pick up tickets purchased online. Queues for ticket pick-up grow rapidly.

There are four types of movie theaters in Brussels:

  • Popular, mainstream movie theaters, home to the most recent blockbusters,
  • Art/mainstream movie theaters, home to art house favorites AND critically-acclaimed blockbusters,
  • Straight-up art/serious cinemas, playing movies that attract conflict, old black and white classics, or new artistic genius and/or crap, depending on the taste of the viewer,
  • Culturally-specific cinemas, playing large-screen movies in their original language(s), sometimes with French, Dutch, or English subtitles. Call ahead to be sure that a language you know is included in a film showing. That is, if you understand more than film images.


Mainstream Movie Theaters
These theaters get for the latest major film distributors in America and Europe. The film was not originally in French or Dutch can be seen in OV(original version) or ventricular fibrillation (Francaise version, or dubbed in French). Non-French/Dutch films shown in the OV will have subtitles in French and Dutch, which is running simultaneously at the bottom of the screen film.


Cirque Royal / Koninklijk Circus –Royal Circus of Belgium.
Located in Onderrichtsstraat, 81, 1000 Brussels

Kaaitheater -Akenkaai 2 quai des Péniches, 1000 Brussels.
Theatre plays, music and dance productions.

Theatre Varia -78 rue du Sceptre, 1050 Brussels.
All types and variety of plays ranging from classical to contemporary are performed.

Theatre des Galeries -Galerie du Roi 32, 1000 Brussels.
First place were the Russian ballet in Brussels. Today it has shifted from romantic dramas, operettas, comedies and melodramas of modern and classical theater.

Theatre Royal du ParcRue de la Loi, 3, 1000 Brussels
Classic works of art in general of all times are carried out. Although modern plays are also performed occasionally.

BOZAR – Palais des Beaux-Arts – Rue Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussels
Scene of many facets, with musical performances, film screenings, theater and dance, the annual festivals of the different categories and topics, exhibitions.