Brussels main attraction has always been its history, culture and tourists visiting the city who first wants to get an idea of ​​the famous cathedrals, palaces, monuments, chocolate and lace shops, etc. But for the adventurous, outdoor activities are free wealth as city parks, water parks and adventure and water sports. The city welcomes all tourists, for relaxing, leisure loving and exploratory one.
Brussels has an everything you need when it comes to sport. If you are looking to vent regularly, there are plenty of sports clubs and courses in the city. If you are just here on a short visit, you will find the facilities you need while in town.

Ice Skating
This is a popular activity in Brussels, it is not only appreciated by tourists, but also very much enjoyed by the residents themselves. The rink outdoor in Ste Catherine is particularly admired by many during the cold Christmas, when the area is full of life and color from the festivals.

Patinoire de Forest -This is where the Ice Hockey Club is based in Brussels. It also accommodates a skating school and hockey training. Located in 36 avenue du Globe, Forest, Brussels, Belgium.

Patinoire Poseidon – Located in 4 avenue des Vaillants, Woluwe St Lambert, Brussels, Belgium. Offering Olympic-sized rink, which also houses a sports center with gym and pool.


The Crossly Super Bowl –This is the most impressive bowling from Brussels and two of its main branches are located in the Lower Town of the city. They include 20 bowling allies, many popular games like Q-Zar laser challenge and facilities for refreshments.

Horse Riding
If you are looking for something hard to do during your visit to Brussels, then visit the Centre Equestre de la Cambre in Terkameren woods is a good choice. Right in the center of the city, this riding school, offers good orientation sessions for new riders under the strict supervision of an instructor. Enjoy nature at its best, as you and your horse enjoys the air stream.

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing outdoors or indoors is a good way to have a fun and exercise and improve your stamina. For those who want to stay in touch with nature, there are several climbing routes with different difficulty levels, on the outskirts of Brussels. For those without experience there is the New Rock complex located at Chaussée de Watermael 136, 1160 Brussels, which has several climbing gyms.

Water Sports
Water Babies are sure to find a canoe or irresistible kayaking with lessons and tours, everyone will like it and try at least once. Training sessions occur mostly on the outside Brussels in the rivers of Ambleve, Ourthe, Semois and the Lesse.


Sports Complex

Centre Sportif de la Woluwe -87, Av. Emmanuel Mounier 1200 Woluwé-Saint-Lambert, Brussels, Belgium. It is a sports complex was created in 1981 and extends over 2,300 square meters of sports area. The complex offers facilities for various types of sports including badminton, basketball, soccer, squash, handball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, facilities, etc. Other options for relaxation and exercise are also available such as yoga, martial arts and all types of dance classes including salsa, funk, hip-hop, African, classical and oriental.