Brussels is not limited to commercial chocolates, beer, and lace, but these three is definitely worth visiting for its quality and craftsmanship. Brussels is also heaven for comic book collectors, and there are plenty of unusual shops to lure magpies. Although the city cannot be full of bargains, low cost is being done in the market. During your vacation in Brussels, you can enjoy the highest quality boutique shops and eclectic mix of goods in the markets of Brussels.

Once you’ve located the best places to visit in each type of asset, you may also want to look at how to buy the best Belgian chocolate, where to buy good Belgian beer and some places to go for duty free and souvenir shopping.

Shopping Streets
The commercial streets dont have a roof bow, but they do offer a world of pleasure cart. The shopping streets of Brussels are quaint and full of beautiful window displays. There is a great power Boulevard de Waterloo, where there are no price tags, then there is Rue Neuve for the everyday buyer looking for news from Zara, Mango, or a Innovation center.

Avenue Louise -is a long walkway famous fashion brands, including big international names like Chanel, Vuitton, Hermes, Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace and Christian Dior. Alongside these are also bag brands Longchamp and Lancel. The street is perfect for finding office clothes or designer clothes. located in  rue du Pepin, 43, Upper Town, Brussels, Belgium.

Rue Neuve –If you are looking for bargains, then go shopping here. This street is where Europe’s favorite brands – Espirit, Zara, Mango, Celio, Morgan and many more. There is also the media giant Market here for all your electronic needs at bargain prices.


Brussels Markets
Brussels markets are ideal for any day of the week. There are hundreds of open markets that operate throughout the week in small squares throughout the city. Usually, serving fresh vegetables, handmade cheese, fresh meat minced and trinkets for the home. On Sunday the largest markets are open for eager buyers to small trolleys.
Every day is market day in Brussels. Among the best is the flower market, Tuesday to Sunday in the Grand-Place, also the site of the bird market on Sunday morning. Antiques are sold in the market on the Place du Grand Sablon, Saturday and Sunday morning, while the flea market on Place du Jeu de Balle, in the Marolles district, is open every morning.

Shopping Malls
Brussels has a one of the oldest malls in the world and a variety of others. Unlike normal shopping, galleries and arcades offer high quality brands and luxury goods. They are normally set within the old buildings, ideal to escape the rain and good shopping at leisure.

St. Hubert Galeries -The building is beautifully decorated with carvings and chandeliers. The roof is a glass skylight. There are cafes, shops of luxury clothes, art cinema and gourmet chocolate shops. Located close to the boutiques of a handful of designers honored as Oliver Strelli – who designs clothes for the royal family – as well as handbag designer, Delvaux store.

Duty Free Shopping
Buy Duty free is no longer possible within the EU. Go to the airport for more information about available of duty free shopping at airports. That’s why you find no duty free shops within the city of Brussels. You can still buy duty free items before boarding International flights outside the EU after passing through customs at the International terminal. The shops are called Sky Shops.

Most of the people of Brussels to shop on Saturdays because the stores are closed on Sundays. So if you want to avoid crowded stores and racks of clothes, then avoid shopping on Saturday afternoons. On Sundays the shops near the Grand Place are open and so are some of the markets in Brussels.