Brussels Nightlife is relaxed and a little quieter than other European cities but there are some good places to go dancing or just relaxing with friends around a table with drinks. Lounges and clubs are the most popular and there is a focus on good music DJs, comfortable seats and good drinks.

If you are visiting Brussels, then “beer” is not something you should miss on. There are some excellent bars around that are open late into the night and serve real ales and some excellent Belgian quality. Most of the bars, casinos and night clubs hosting live entertainment and concerts. So when you are in Brussels, do not forget to choose a beer from its list of 400 beers.

During The Week – Street Nightlife
The Brussels is full of social scene places to enjoy a drink outdoors during weeknights. This special attraction to nature has led to the events in Brussels such as street drinks, outdoor dining and partying in the middle of traffic islands.

There are places throughout the city where you can enjoy a beer, a glass of wine and some snacks – affectionately called ‘apéro’ in French – before a meal. Often, the apéro is full of beer so you do not eat too much. For visitors on weekdays, come to one of these meetings to feel the true cosmopolitan atmosphere of Brussels.

Brussels Clubs
The best clubs in Brussels are scattered throughout the city rather in a central strip. Clubbers usually pick one or two in the evening and stay there to dance all night. The party starts around midnight and into the early hours of the morning. There are no maximum opening hours or alcohol sale restrictions.


Lounges and Bars
Relaxing in a space bar or cocktail lounge and beer are more the style of the Belgians, who are very relaxed and enjoy talking and watching people. These are just some suggestions coming from the bars that are frequented by people who prefer a chill night out. On summer evenings there is also the stretch of pavement along Toison d’Or in the Louise area filled with tables and people sipping drinks until midnight.

Live Music
Live folk music has always been a particular strong point of Brussels and a half-dozen places that are well established in the acts of popularity on a regular basis and provide a forum for all musical styles, from jazz to reggae. Classical music also has stores in the capital, along with plays, tend to be housed in places of the city’s classiest venues.