What is music? That brings color to the words, places, faces and things. Music is the best way to discover Wallonia and Brussels. Among the notes, rhythms and refrains that you can seamlessly discover which makes beating this country, their traditions, their moods, their influences and music mixes that have left a mark on the history of Belgium. Music can not wait for concert halls. It can be heard everywhere in the streets of Brussels. Not just the bands and celebrations that take place regularly in parks and on sidewalks, but also to the syncopated rhythms of jazz.

Live music
Live folk music has always been a particular strong point of Brussels and a half-dozen places that are well established in the acts of popularity on a regular basis and provide a forum for all musical styles, from jazz to reggae. Classical music also has stores in the capital, along with plays, tend to be housed in places of the city’s classiest.

It is easy to quench your thirst for music in Brussels. Le Grain d’Orge is a prime location in Elsene live music around town. From soothing blues and groovy jazz playing wonderful feet pounding rock and pop, music lovers can find their favorites here, depending on the night of the week.

Brussels Jazz Marathon
The Brussels Jazz Marathon, this musical and cultural event takes in every corner of the capital. The perfect opportunity for tourists and Brussels not only to enjoy Belgian chocolate, but also the sweetest melodies in all. It ensures that everyone can find their taste in music in the program. Jazz, Latin, funk, rock and blues, whatever your favorite flavor music that can satisfy your appetite in music.

Ars Musica
The contemporary music festival “Ars Musica” has built a reputation as a benchmark in Europe. Each year, it brings together of works by famous composers and those who are writing the sounds.

Klara Festival
The Klara Festival has very strong reputation, the Wallonia Festival. In Brussels, there are numerous events and concerts, covering all classical music, with special emphasis on symphonic music, baroque and chamber music.

The music is abound with landscapes, fields, villages, forests and cities of art in Wallonia and Brussels. Music brings joy to the hearts of the people and enabled them to build profane and religious temples. With them, the music opens the doors of monasteries, castles and opera houses. Moreover, the festivals bring people closer together.