Brussels has put together a wide and eclectic collection of Museums. At last count there are about 89 museums approved by the tourist office and there are still smaller museums to visit like the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate. Sampling some of the museums before you begin to trip in Brussels, it will give you a little history and knowledge of what you can see before you embark on your journey.

Museum of Natural SciencesVautierstraat, 29  Rue Vautier – 1000 Brussels

Enter a world of Dinosaurs and Evolution: the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels is a construction gigantic with more than five different exposures to maintain your interest and the interest of children throughout the day.
Terrestrial minerals, mollusks, crustaceans, insects., this is just a sample of what can be seen in the Museum’s permanent rooms.
The Dinosaur Gallery, with more than thirty complete skeletons and numerous dinosaur fragments, is the largest dinosaur exhibition of Europe. This new permanent exhibition, unique in Belgium, presents the history of life, from its beginnings to the present and the future. No less than 600 fossils and 400 animal exhibits tell the story of animal biodiversity in recent years.

The Comic Strip MuseumZandstraat, 20, Rue des Sables – 1000 Brussels
Comic Strip Museum is an exploration into an evolving art form, the comic strip. The adventure begins with the process of creating stories and a gallery of original artwork of the comic. These new comics no longer follow the same rules as cartoons; they deal with topics such as politics, violence and sexuality without hindrance or censorship.

The next floor is an exploration of Belgian artists in the “Imaginary Museum.” Finish your experience with a tour inside the museum shop dedicated to selling comic books, Manga (Japanese), posters, t-shirts and figurines. These are great memories and gift ideas if you do not want to take a Manneken Pis statue.

Museum of Musical Instruments -Hofberg, 2, Montagne de la Cour – 1000 Brussels
The museum uses modern technology to give visitors a true audio experience that is unsurpassed. Instead of just reading about the tools, you can listen to short pieces for most instruments. You can experience it all here with the headphones that are included in the ticket price. The music is transmitted wirelessly to your headset when standing on the numbered dots on the floor.

With over 7000 pieces, this museum houses one of the largest collections of musical instruments in the world, from around the world. The first floor starts with music hall rooms, music boxes large and small, that were normally reserved for wealthy households.

The second floor is devoted to the musical history of the world, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. The exhibition reveals that music has been with us since the beginning of civilization. The top floor is called “Strings and Keyboards” that shows the guitar, violin and piano.

The City MuseumGrote Market, Grand’Place – 1000 Brussels
Upon entering the museum, which only costs 3 €, and turning left you will start with the history of the Grand Place, especially the building you’re standing in. The first floor houses maps and recreations of  3D models of the city as it evolved during the Middle Ages. The model is more complex and fascinating one in Brussels on 13th century.

On the second floor and up Most will welcome you with the glory of the present-day city of Brussels, the “Old City” as some nicknamed the Manneken Pis or Peeing Boy.