Brussels also happens to be home to a lot of interesting festivals, like art, cinema, music, food and drink. Traditions and beliefs make a festivals in Belgium, especially the city of Brussels is home to hundreds of festivals and carnivals every year so that the spirit of a happy life is kept alive and their ancient traditions are move to the next generation.

Ommegang Festival
The festival is celebrated since 1549 on the first Thursday on the month of July. There where more than 1,400 costumed participants with horses, crossbows, antique weapons, cars and giants. The procession or “walk about” takes place on the Place du Grand Sablon, where spectators can see the spectacular event with respected personalities in Belgium, including the Royal Family.

Art Brussels
The Art of Brussels takes place every year in the summer season in April at the Expo in Brussels, where the exhibition of art has a long tradition of showing the best quality, genuine artworks. The festival welcomes a variety of visitors from professional collectors to amateur art admirers. Established galleries are also invited to submit their best work to the public free.


Brussels Antiques and Fine Art Fair
Each year in January, the Royal Chamber of Belgian Antiques, Brussels organizes the largest antiques fair in the district of Tour & Taxis in Brussels. Former insiders, buyers and lovers all gather at this fair where one can only get to see a large of rare collection, antique artifacts, jewelry and decorative objects. If you are a buyer of real and serious antiques, then this show is worth a visit and a greater confidence in the world.

Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition
Queen Elizabeth International Music Competition is an annual event of very prestigious and respected in Brussels attended by many music dignitaries and lovers.  There is a variety of performances by violin, piano and singing by International and Belgian artists that are being judged by a jury of respected artists and music teachers acclaimed of international reputation. If you visit Belgium, in June, you may get to see the final on Belgian national television and radio.

The Brussels Christmas Market
Held in the Grand-Place, this market is an essential stop for visitors who happen to be in the Belgian capital during the holiday season. As Christmas comes, the gears of Brussels organizes its annual Christmas market with a long queue of festive stalls that extend from the Boarse Stock market to the Marché aux Poissons fish to the square of Saint Catherine. The traditional market covers a wide variety of stalls, selling both new and old items, as well as numerous food stalls and performances from musicians and jugglers. It is an ideal place to buy Christmas presents or simply enjoy the atmosphere.

Meyboom Celebration
The Meyboom is a traditional festival in Brussels and performed by an unprecedented number of years, a may tree stands at the cross section of two roads, namely, “Rue du Marais” and “Rue des Sables “. This happens specifically on 9 August before 5pm which is the eve of Saint-Laurent by the Brotherhood of the Companions of Saint-Laurent.