Performing Arts

The performing arts scene in Belgium is quite surprising and diverse, with a lot of festivals organized throughout the year, and a lot of theaters and concert halls in a relatively small city. Brussels is the place for concerts, orchestras, opera and film. If you want to go for a glamorous night on the town to see the best artists from all over Europe without spending a fortune on accommodation and food, and then in Brussels will win over Paris.

The Performing Arts

Shen Yun -is a presentation of traditional Chinese culture as it was before: a study in grace, wisdom and virtues of the distillation from the five millennia of Chinese civilization.

La Bellone –is dedicated to the live arts: theater, dance, opera, circus, performance. Events are aimed at lovers of live arts, spectators and professionals.

Choir –Choir focuses on the development of vocal technique and develop individual skills that contribute to the whole song. Critical listening, aesthetic sensitivity, and creativity are developed in singers as a means of assessing staff and comparatively judging all music.

Opera –In the 18th century in Brussels opera was second only to Paris. Although the popularity of opera has slowly given way to classical music and jazz scenes in Brussels, the operas are still playing in the Brussels the opera house of La Monnaie (the Mint) and Royal Music Conservatory.

Le Monnaie –The home of a multi-story balcony and theater curtains, the traditional opera house was rebuilt three times by different rulers in Brussels. Now it plays one or two opera’s per month in their great halls. Other theater performances include recitals, dance and concerts. Visits to the opera house is also available for visitors who are interested in the architecture of this old building.

Royal Music Conservatory -Located at Rue de la Régence 30. Is primarily a school housing that some of the top talent in music and theater arts in Brussels. The concerts are held throughout the year for students to practice their performances in front of a live audience.

Orchestra –Classical music with orchestras are as popular as jazz and other contemporary styles and occupies a central place in many parts of the city. You will find a lot of orchestral music, symphonies, sonatas and concerts in the lists of the Entertainment Weekly.

Eglise des Minimes – Home to the orchestra and choir of Chapel of Minims (Chapelle des Minimes) at the St. Jean and Etienne church, which has its back to the Palais du Justice. The performers are a mix of amateurs who have completed formal musical education at the conservatory. Find listings of their upcoming concert listings of entertainment or on its website.