Top Attractions

Apart from the world famous delicious chocolate from Belgium, Brussels also offers a host of other tourist attractions.

During the visit to the Belgian capital, you must see the one of a class Atomium – a structure of steel and aluminum, which has become an internationally recognized symbol of the city and the entire country.

The Atomium was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1958 and since its construction has become the symbol of Belgium. The steel and aluminum structure, 102 meters, is intended to symbolize the concept of atom, increased by 165 billion times! It offers a magnificent panoramic view of Brussels and its surroundings.

Manneken Pis
What the Eiffel Tower is to Paris and the Statue of Liberty is to New York, the figure of Manneken Pis is to Brussels. Despite the tiny figure of a boy peeing has no parallel in the two massive landmarks in size and spectacle; the Manneken Pis is so dear to the hearts of the people of its hometown, has been the pride and joy of the inhabitants of Brussels for centuries.

Eglise du Béguinage
The Église du-Beguine (Beguine Church) is a well known landmark for visitors, highly recommended as an outstanding example of Italian influence of Flemish Baroque. It is a beautiful 17th century church, situated in the small, circular Beguinage Square in a quiet area of ​​Brussels. One of the most remarkable and elegant sanctuaries in Brussels, which has a commanding presence, especially at night and when viewed from a distance, from a fish market on the Rue du peuplier (Populierstraat).

Abbaye de la Cambre
This is also a wonderful place to visit and it is the town of Ixelles, established by the sister of the Cistercian Order in the Middle Ages. The abbey was initially placed near the head of the river Maelbeek in the Soignes Forest, whose remaining part, known as Bois de la Cambre, today adjoins the city of Brussels.

La Monnaie
This is an opera house, with an impressive Neo-Classical facade,  with the old structure and the center of cultural life in Brussels. The general atmosphere of Neo-classical structure is not incompatible with modernity top two floors.

Cantillon Brewery
This is one of the most genuine Brussels traditional family breweries. For the sake of tradition, the original name of the brewery has remained unchanged.

Justus Lipsius Building
This is a giant building made of steel and glass and looks amazing on a bright day. The office complex ultra-modern building facing the Berlaymont, and coincides with its neighbor importance.