The city of Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is a modern city that is rich in medieval and art nouveau buildings. Brussels is full of rich history with plenty of museums and galleries and a vibrant cultural life.

Being the administrative center of the European Union, Brussels has gained the “Capital of Europe” title.

The city center of Brussels is a city divided into a Lower Town and Upper Town. These two divisions in the city is surrounded by the Petit ring road which borders the line of the medieval city walls. These two areas which are Upper and Lower Town are very different from each other and their unique beauty makes Brussels what it is today.

Brussels is inhabited mainly by French and Dutch, but today, most noticeably in the city, has become a more multicultural environment. The city is also officially bilingual, with information presented in French and Flemish.

The city center offers a variety of architecture ranging from medieval to modern constructions of the EU institutions. Brussels has many attractive qualities, such as the picturesque medieval streets of the city, its city squares, beautiful boulevards and Gothic cathedrals of style and churches.

Brussels has to do with food. Since Brussels has the highest concentration of restaurants around the world, the restaurant industry is literally one of the most prolific in the city. There is  a great number of restaurants, especially some wonderful fish taverns by the old port area of ​​Ste-Catherine (Lower Town), The Petite Rue des Bouchers (the street of butchers) is literally lined with restaurants. Every building on the street is a restaurant that serves a variety of flavors and tastes.

In addition, the nightlife in Brussels can be entertaining, and above all in the city because it is well known to attract many hen parties from abroad. Complete with clubs and pubs to enjoy adding to the eclectic atmosphere of this beautiful city in Belgium.

During the day, as trade barriers throughout the week, there are plenty of attractions for visitors and locals to enjoy, regardless of age. Families enjoy Belgium for its unique atmosphere, covering all aspects of family life and socialization of adults.

The city has also evolved culturally and politically, and there have been many modern developments built to accommodate the headquarters of the EU and the organizations involved. The business sector in Brussels is booming with international agencies taking root in the city, however, at the expense of the rich cultural history.