Brussels, Belgium

Welcome to the world of waffles, chocolates, beers, and French fries. Encounter all sorts of things in diversified ways from people to architecture to food to festivals, fashion, and more!

Visit Brussels, Belgium–located at the heart of Western Europe, it is the capital of Belgium and also of the state of Flanders, the headquarters of most of the known Belgian and international Europe-based companies, not to mention that it is the home to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Brussels has over a century of history that gives too many interesting sights to visit and see the city and the immediate area. Brussels has the most fabulous market square and the largest concentration of restaurants around the world.

Brussels has many attractions for the whole family – business people, families, nature lovers, devotees of culture and historians alike.

The central market square in Brussels is known as the Grand Place, which is above all the most beautiful in the world. A 15th century Town Hall dominates the Grand Place, with hundreds of small statues and an elegant tower is surrounded by 17th century buildings with golden inlays which surround the whole square.

There are a variety of things to do in Brussels, regardless of age or fantasies.For those who like to eat, you can spend a lifetime sampling all the wonderful restaurants and places to eat in Brussels, which boasts the largest concentration of restaurants in the world. Restaurants in Brussels features a wide variety of food types and styles for all tastes.

Throughout this historic beautiful city, restaurants, eateries and quaint cafes abound, offering a plate of enlightening flavor to satisfy every palate. Visiting Brussels means to enjoy good food in a beautiful environment. Brussels is known worldwide for its high class restaurants and cozy little restaurants that are colorful and classy.

For those who want to enjoy the rich history of Brussels, there is a surplus of museums that have wonderful and flavorful richness of a millennium in Brussels.

Sightseeing is abundant in Brussels. With beautiful boulevards, picturesque squares, parks and a very active cultural life in every sense of the word, there is something for everyone in Brussels. You can take in a movie or a play in a theater, dine at one of the many restaurants, and visit the monuments and places of interest abound in this beautiful city.

Fun for the whole family is offered in the heart of Belgium’s capital Brussels. Cinemas, shopping malls, parks, forests, museums, cultural centers and places of interest abound in this beautiful city. Boredom is impossible in Brussels – there is always something to do or see in this beautiful city. A rich social life is just around the corner in Brussels, all you have to do is see what they have to offer during your visit.